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Team Manager Guide

The primary goal of manager is to provide logistical support for the coaches and parents.  This role allows coaches to focus on coaching and parents to have adequate information about team activities.  The manager is the primary source of communication.  

Much of this information is common to both Classic and FC Bucks North teams.  In areas where differences occur, the sections will be flagged with the a Deep Run Classic or FC Bucks North heading.

Please carefully walk all of the below information as it denotes the role of the manager in each area.

Getting Started - If you are a first time manager or are looking for additional tips.

Registration - A set of steps that must be completed at the onset of each year by all teams in order to compete. 

Finances - Handling of team funds and related information are described.

League Play - When participating in leagues several items are necessary.

Tournaments - Information relevant to managing tournament involvement.

Resources - Common sites that are used.

Sample Documents - Starter document templates that are used for various purposes.

Contact Information - Still have questions?  Have comments?  Want something added to this site?